Looking For New Career Opportunities?

Looking For New Career Opportunities?

Consider joining our team of professional drivers

Whether you're a veteran driver looking for new routes or you're interested in starting a career in delivery, Patriot DSP, LLC has opportunities for you. We're hiring drivers with basic licenses, commercial driver's licenses and drivers who are certified with the Department of Transportation.

Jobs range from local deliveries for services like Amazon and FedEx to cross-country shipping with dry vans. You'll enjoy steady, reliable work and the opportunity to advance your career, including the ability to add classifications to your license and open the door to new kinds of work.

Send us your contact information with your current license level today to be considered for a delivery job.

3 reasons to choose Patriot DSP

Unlike many companies, we don't just exist to make a profit. We're here to help our drivers create a better life for themselves every day. Work with us because...

  • We provide health benefits to give employees peace of mind
  • We offer financial advisors to employees that want to make a financial strategy for their future
  • We'll help you get the skills and license needed to take the next step in your driving career

Work with a company that values each employee as a person. Call 888-342-0064 now.