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Frequently Asked Questions

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We're a proud second-chance recruiter

It's not easy to move forward after finishing a prison sentence. Patriot DSP understands how difficult this situation is, so we provide careers to people in all kinds of situations. Even if you only have an ordinary driver's license, we'll help you get started in a delivery career that will help you stay stable and grow every day.

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Looking for a way to put your driving skills to the test and make money at the same time? Patriot DSP, LLC provides a variety of jobs for people with various license levels. You can join our Amazon delivery service with just a basic license or become part of a fleet of experienced truckers and make use of your commercial driver's license.
At Patriot DSP, we offer more than just simple jobs. We're committed to helping every employee succeed in their career, and we've established a unique culture built by people who care about people. Everyone is valued and respected at our company, and we focus on each employee's...

  • Health - Every employee receives health benefits, and we're attentive to the needs of every employee's family
  • Career - We'll help you add levels to your license so you can move forward in your driving career
  • Future - We're committed to helping each employee grow as a person and provide financial advice and education to help make sure everyone is successful

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